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Work With a Dedicated Violin Teacher in Baltimore, MD

Fostering a fondness and appreciation for music, the violin, and the art of music-making is the ultimate goal at Charm City Violin. As such, all students, regardless of talent or ability, are appreciated, positively motivated, and celebrated. I am of the mind that being able to play, or even listen to, music should be, above all, a source of joy. By exploring, experiencing, and mastering the challenges and different facets of music-making - in this case playing the violin - a teacher and student can, first-hand, begin and ideally continue, to experience this joy together.

My teaching style is nothing if not dynamic and energetic. I can honestly say that introducing students' eyes and ears to the subtleties and intricacies of instrumental mastery is exhilarating and infinitely rewarding to me each and every lesson. I believe that this excitement and fascination is contagious and passed-on to my students, and accounts for why so very many have studied, and enjoyed, lessons for years at-a-time.

Rachael Stockton teaches students of all skill levels at her home studio in Baltimore, MD. Call 410-499-0533 now to enroll in private violin lessons.